We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to deliver every service with a smile, working only to your highest level of satisfaction.

All of our services can be employed on hourly or daily rates, giving clients the freedom to operate via a plan which works for them.

We are committed to providing full quotes for every project so that clients are aware of the total costs associated with the project and can thus budget accordingly.

But why work with us?

Boasting a range of design experience across commercial and residential spaces, paired with a broad skillset born from corporate experience around the world, our services are designed to bring something new to your team and to your build.

International Understanding
We operate and are able to trade in English, Turkish and German; adding instant value to clients operating in multiple territories and languages.
Pricing Transparency
Low prices make our company accessible to product and engineering start-ups with low budget, while the transparent costing strategy of our services are created to attract high numbers of local high-street businesses.
Engineering Consultancy
This service is designed to support clients that need specific information on engineering processes and concepts, backed with in-depth engineering reports. We can provide research, sector know-how and drawings for clients, and can oversee ongoing projects; drawing on our own theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver a high quality end product.
2D&3D Design and Drawing
This service includes 3D and 2D design for products and engineering concepts. The design aspect is broad in terms of service delivery and covers the core functions required as part of the planning and design process for re-engineering interiors, or refreshing spaces with new layouts, with the prime focus being on products used. This service can support companies that are innovating new product designs or those that are re-engineering everyday objects.
Project Management
This service is primed for clients that require a coordinated approach for their engineering projects. Utilising her experience across a series of industries, Miss Ozen offers a distinct multidisciplinary approach across Project Management work with a specific focus on Mechanical Engineering, and can steer projects from conception to completion with support offered across the key critical phases. These include managing costs and resources, defining timelines, and coordinating all stakeholders.
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