As with all great businesses, our story starts with formal educational training – more specifically, a Mechanical Engineering degree awarded in 2017. From there, our company is one born from passion and inspiration, with an additional International Business degree giving Miss Ozen the opportunity to expand her repertoire and understand how Engineering can be put to good use across other industries.


A competent Mechanical Engineer with the expertise required to both explore and identify issues, and develop viable solutions, Miss Ozen’s career has taken her all over the world; with roles spanning across the Energy sector, Construction, HVAC design and technical design and drawings.


While working on a Fossil Fuel power station as an intern engineer, Miss Ozen was afforded the opportunity to experience various levels of product and technical design.

Meanwhile, her time in the Construction industry created opportunities working across and creating new and improved layout plans, elevations and sections. Miss Ozen’s career to date has also seen her calculate and design HVAC systems, work with AutoCAD 2019 and Solidworks 2020 to create detailed plans and drawings, and manage a range of projects using one central system.


Picking up different ideas and innovative concepts from each of the travels and various job roles held by Miss Ozen, EKIMDENIZOZEN is a company which takes ideas from a global industry of success – harnessing the importance of different cultures and different trading systems in designing the most effective and efficient engineering systems possible.


Miss Ozen can speak English, Turkish and German, and is excited to be able to offer clients on a global scale the change to develop their products, commercial and residential spaces.


EKIMDENIZOZEN LTD is as much about the person behind the magic as it is about the brand.

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